Uporabljamo BIM platformo in imamo 20 let izkušenj uporabe naprednih BIM orodij za arhitekturno načrtovanje, analize, simulacije in vizualizacije.


Informacijsko modeliranje gradbenih objektov (BIM)

Informacijsko modeliranje gradbenih objektov (BIM) je proces, ki se prične pred gradnjo in ima za cilj izdelati digitalni model gradbenega objekta, sestavljen iz gradnikov, ki ustrezajo konstrukcijskim elementom realnega objekta. Skupen BIM-model omogoča lažjo izmenjavo podatkov za potrebe različnih panog, ki sodelujejo pri gradbenem projektu. BIM-orodja podpirajo parametrično modeliranje in omogočajo nove ravni prostorske vizualizacije, simulacijo gradnje objektov skladno s terminskim planom in posledično bolj učinkovito vodenje projektov. BIM-proces vključuje investitorje, vodje projektov, arhitekte, projektante, izvajalce in upravitelje objektov, ki v vseh fazah projekta izboljšujejo BIM-model, kar na koncu privede do aktualiziranega modela (PID). siBIM – Slovensko združenje za informacijsko modeliranje v gradbeništvu

Kaj je BIM?

BIM is a modern working method in the construction industry with an integrated approach. The aim is to improve communication and collaboration based on the coordinated use of data. Predictions can be made based on the digital building model, and the result can be optimized with regard to design, planning, completion and management..

Zakaj BIM?

You have to work on a BIM basis to remain competitive in the future. Today, competitors in Germany and around the world are making an impression with added value gained from BIM. In some countries, BIM is already Europe’s standard for project processing. In the near future, this will be the case throughout the whole of Europe.

Kaj so temelji BIM?

BIM is based on openness and partnership – that means thinking and acting as a partner to establish the foundation for success. BIM knowledge and processes are decisive for successful integrated project processing, supported by the corresponding documents and adapted training. BIM tools help information to be created jointly, managed reliably, and they also create added value.

Katere prednosti nudi BIM?

Cost reliability and transparency are the primary advantages for all concerned. Planning, the execution of construction work and operation all gain in quality. You are more efficient, better coordinated, benefit from a higher-quality, faster basis for making decisions etc. Steps can be simplified and automated at many points. Architects and engineers benefit. Over the long term, the creation and management process is shorter, more cost-effective and more efficient. The first to gain is therefore the building client.

Kakšne prednosti ima BIM?

With BIM, a learning culture is implemented in the company. Innovation and cumulative experience form the basis for tomorrow’s work. This means:
A rethink toward greater interdisciplinary integration at all levels of the company. The establishment of strategic, local cooperations and partnerships for joint BIM use. Employees acquire greater specialist knowledge and greater technical affinity. Opportunities to exploit new sales potential.

Katere prednosti ima BIM za projekt?

For a project, the building client specifies the BIM goals to be achieved and thus outlines the focus of the added value to be delivered.

The BIM team sets up the project infrastructure in accordance with what is required to achieve the
added value. This includes the structure for the building models and the assignment of responsibilities.

The models are enriched with further information, their consistency is checked and the added value
is generated for example in the form of high-quality evaluations.